Idaho Perinatal Project

About the Idaho Perinatal Project

Our Mission

The primary purpose of the Idaho Perinatal Project is to reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality and to improve pregnancy outcomes throughout the state of Idaho.

Our Goals

  1. Initiate and support the creation of a database for maternal/child outcomes. Correlate, analyze, and make recommendations regarding maternal/child statistical data for the state of Idaho.
  2. Provide education to perinatal health care professionals, and the general public.
  3. Become recognized as a main resource and advocate in maternal/infant health by:
    1. Institutions and providers of maternal/infant health care;
    2. Legislators and the governor;
    3. Other maternal/infant health organizations;
    4. The general public.
  4. Assess board membership annually to assure appropriate representation.

Advisory Board

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