Idaho Perinatal Project

Idaho Teen Dating Violence & Sexual Assault Legal Talkline

This service is free and provides limited legal services for victims aged 13-22 and adults working with those victims. Please share this information to anyone who may be interested.

Feeling trapped? Feeling scared? Call us!

Toll free 1-855-256-1970

Providing teens and young adults aged 13-22 non-emergency legal advice on issues related to dating violence and peer-to-peer sexual assault.

We’re here for guys and girls from 13 to 22. You don’t need to be in a really bad situation to ring us up. If you have any concerns or even just a question related to dating violence and peer-on-peer sexual assault, we are the people with the answers and advice. If you’re an adult that works in this field, you can call us too!

We’re here to talk about:

  • Your rights, the real legal stuff
  • The privacy you’re entitled to!
  • Protection orders
  • Getting schools to up the safety
  • Working with your employers
  • Working with landlords
  • How you can get medical care
  • The benefits available to you (like crime victim’s compensation funds)
  • How to report something to law enforcement
  • When do we or other people have to report abuse?

We will keep everything that is said private and confidential, until it becomes literally illegal for us to do so. On that note, everyone who lives in Idaho is legally required to report child abuse. If a report is absolutely necessary, we will talk with you and help you get safe before making a report.