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Three free text messages are sent directly to your patient's cell phone each week. Messages start at pregnancy and go through the baby's first year. Tips include information on prenatal and infant care, immunizations, postpartum depression, nutrition, oral health, quit smoking, safety and more.

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Women's Health


Drugs & Alcohol

Health Care Providers

Information to Help Your Practice

  • 14-Hydroxyprogesterone
    Idaho Medicaid will pay the physician office or clinic for either the commercially available drug (Makena) or for the compounded agent. We do have prior authorization criteria, which follows the product labeling but Medicaid allows the provider to choose which formulation they administer. The key is that it is defined as a physician administered drug so is considered a medical benefit and doesn’t go through the Medicaid pharmacy system. The physician buys the drug and bills as a Jcode and the physician receives the reimbursement. I can tell you because offices buy product up front that most use the compounded product. I have heard though that there are some health systems that do not allow their clinics to use the compounded products because of safety and efficacy concerns, but that has not come from us.
    ~Tami Eide, Pharm.D., BCPS
    Medicaid Pharmacy Program Supervisor/Manager
    Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Home Births

Delivery & After

Preterm Infants


  • Breastfeeding Medical Podcasts (iTunes)
    Stay abreast with news, reviews, and hot topics in breastfeeding and human lactation—discussions with members of The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine.

Mental Health & Postpardum Depression

Infant Sleeping & Deaths


  • Idaho Immunization Coalition (website)
    The goal is to protect adults and children from vaccine preventable disease in an efficient, safe and enlightened manner and to maintain the statewide immunization registry.

Infections & Disease

Intimate Partner Violence


Violence Prevention

Child Passenger Safety

Car Seat Techs
  • Child Restraint Basics (pdf)
    Download, print, and display this poster showing essential information about child safety seats.