Idaho Perinatal Project

ZIKAV update 12/15/16

HAN: Yellow alert 5 locally transmitted cases
COCA call & slides enclosed
Remains a level 1 response
Precautions and self-protection unchanged
Timeframes to wait before conception:
Women wait 8 weeks after symptoms or last possible exposure Men wait 6 months after symptoms or last possible exposure.
NEJM: Persistence in blood and ZIKA in Brazil

Persistence of RNA in brain and placenta ahead of print:

Web tool and interactive site on CDC site

Dec 9 2016 Registry:
Pregnant Women with Any Lab Evidence of Zika Virus Infection*
US States and DC: 1,172
US Territories: 2,639
*Source: Pregnancy Registries as of November 30, 2016
Zika Virus Disease Cases Reported to ArboNET* US States and DC: 4,575
US Territories: 33,838
*Source: ArboNET as of December 7, 2016

Zika Chart